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      Brett Clatt

      This is my son’s rookie year of racing. He’ll be running a brand new Junior EVO and has a 2012 Sodi Sigma chassis.

      Currently I have a stock of spark plugs, jets, clutch, clutch drum, gears, chains and bearings.

      What are the other common parts you guys go through that I may not be thinking of?

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      tony zambos

      a spare exhauset matte for when you notice a drop off in engine performance. If it’s a new exhaust, you’ll have to drill out the rivets to remove the stinger and then replace them with nuts and bolts. I’d have a spare set of tie-rods and king pins plus a steering shaft. Maybe a spare nose if the group your son is racing in is very aggressive. You shouldn’t need a spare set of brake pads if the ones in the kart are good, but keep an eye on the for wear. And maybe a couple of extra nut and bolt for the floor pan.

      LAD Specialties customer / tony kart / rotax / kt100

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        Dan Brown

        You should have an extra front and rear wheel if possible, an extra set of tires and a set of rain tires on wheels if you plan on racing on rain days. We got hit last year ( it was my son’s rookie year too) and had the rear axle get bent. I didn’t have a spare so we went home after one practice session. I have 2 spares now. You will also need a decent assortment of nuts, bolts and washers and make sure you have plenty of cotter pins and safety wire handy. A couple fuel filters and some small hose clamps are a good idea too. Good luck with your rookie season, my whole family had a great time last year and I’m sure you guys will too.

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      Bruce Woodrow

      It is always good to have a spare starter and/or starter rebuild kit, a spare fuel pump and/or rebuild kit and a spare charged battery.

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      Michael Cohen

      When I read this post; although a really good question I had to laugh.

      We got into karting about 3 years ago. We learned really quickly that we needed to have spare parts…..lots of spare parts.

      The first year we needed more than we could have known as we were new and tended to get caught up in the mess in the back. So I learned fast how to replace bent parts etc…

      We have had coils fail, starters fail, found a float with a crack in it, a wiring harness was bad…radiator smashed, etc…etc……

      What made me laugh is just when I think I have enough spares I find that I need something that we don’t have. What’s been a help is we usually always pit with the same people, so between us one we should have the part(s).  But not always…..

      Good luck this year!!

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