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      Wesley Legaspi

      How long is the life expectancy of Spark Plugs in a K80?  I’m running a mixture of 1 gallon of 110 octane : 8 oz of Maxima 927.  The kart is new to use (bought it used), so I’m having my son drive around in our cul de sac to get used to the kart.  I have the throttle set so he can’t go flat out (yet) , is this not good for the motor?  I’ve already replaced the spark plug once yesterday and it looks like  the replacement plug just went out on us today (total run time since the plug was replaced is approximately 1 hour, maybe less).  Both the low/high jet is set to 3/4 turns.  We are planning on running the kart in our local SCCA autocross at the end of the month, would like to get it sorted out before then, any help is greatly appreciated.

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      Billy king

      Hi I’m not a pro but did find some info high 1/8 turn and low 2 1/2 turns. does it idle at that setting? hope this helps

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