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    Harry Canoles

    What is the best method of testing ignition output on a Comer 80 or other Kart engines. I’m not talking about grounding a plug and looking for a spark.   I’m looking for a more precise way of measuring the spark.   I’m looking for a way to measure the amperage and voltage at the plug wire. And what is a good reading. I’ve had on occasion to suspect low amp/volt output.

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    tony zambos

    I can understand you wanting to be able to measure the output of a coil. To what ends and expense are you willing to go to? I can think of ways to measure the voltage, not sure about amps. Purchasing an oscilloscope or a tester from Fluke is going to be expensive. After you have purchased your tester(s) and you detect a marginal output, you now still have to purchase a new coil. Do you really want to know the output of a coil or do you want your engine to run? IMO – Purchase a spare coil and make sure it works before going to the track.

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    Walt Gifford

    My experience has been that a coil will cut out all together or work intermittently usually cutting out or breaking up when it gets hot after a few laps. I don’t know if it’s the best way but you could put on a new coil and see if it goes faster. Not sure about K80 but a KT100 is a 10:1 ratio primary to secondary coil on a resistance test.


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