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      i’m new to karting and and just got my son a used cadet with comer 80 on it.  i was hoping that someone could help me with recommended oils and ratios?  i asked some cycle racing guys and they are all using amsoil at 80:1 or 100:1 but I can’t find a link anywhere on the web saying anyone was doing this for Kart motors.

      I’m not looking for super high performance, just getting him some seat time outside at the track.  we then might look to get more competitive.  i see things like, “carbon build up increases compression” etc, and right now, i’m looking to get it running and him to have some fun, not tear it apart every 3-4 races.



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      You will need to check with your local racing association to see if they specify oils to use.  We have been happy with Maxima 927 or Burris Castor oil.  The following link will take you to our Comer K80 page.

      Hope this helps – http://swedetechracing.com/techinfo/?cid=64250

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      Walt Gifford

      Any high quality racing oil from a kart shop will work just fine but use a ratio of 16:1 which is 8 ounces per gallon of gas which can simply be high test from the gas station.

      Castor oil should not be used below 50 degrees F. The best oil I have found for all engines and conditions is Red Line Two Stroke Kart Oil.


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        Jason, Gif,

        Thanks for the info.  Everyone is saying 8oz per gallon and the info about cool weather oil is especially helpful because I’m in NY and we have some outside racing in March.  I’ll look to pickup some Redline Kart oil and go about getting this thing cleaned up.


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      brian downing

      If you are racing and subject to tech at the end of the race, I suggest you do not use pump fuel from your local gas station. The Methanol blend will DQ you if you place well. It may be fine and cheap for practice but not for racing. If you are lucky enough to live in an area that sells “off road” gasoline, then it should be fine too, but check. Some marinas have ethanol free gasoline as well

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