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    brian downing

    I just bought a used CRG Cadet chassis (PTK) with a freshly built Comer-80.

    I need a good starting place for the high and low jetting and help with adjustments to make. If I need more speed on a straight? If I need more mid?

    Any thoughts and/or suggestions would be appreciated.

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    brian downing

    How, when do you read the plug if not shutdown at end of straight?

    Wait for it too cool?

    Maybe some reasoning to go along with that so I’ll understand.



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    Walt Gifford

    You’ll understand when the aluminum threads come out with the spark plug. Racing Comer K125 we always carried a spare head and sometimes we needed it.

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    Mauricio Rivera

    So most info I’ve read mentions 1/8 on the high and 2 1/2 on the low as a staring point. This is a big difference from what you mention on your earlier post but in fact my sons cadet kart seems to run better with a leaner low and a richer high, leafing me to believe that most motors will run at very different settings. Of so, what is a good way to find the specific setting for my sons kart. Another statement I’ve read is that these motors should be running around 450 CHT, I am lucky if I see 390CHT. Any info on this would be great.



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    Walt Gifford

    Try low 1-1/4 and high 3/4 and I think you’ll find that rich enough for a new rebuild. Your final race setting might be something like 1 turn low 1/2 turn high. Just make sure the fuel tubing connection at the carb doesn’t leak air and don’t take the spark plug out when the engine’s hot.


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