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      Mark Parker

      After Daytona I sent everything to the best builder there is. 2 of the engines have not even been started since their refresh although I can run any of them on the dyno to break them in for you if you desire.


      I will include a strong carb and 3 pinned jets with each engine. All the plastics are good, tanks are newer, nothing is stripped on any of them. All the engines also have brand new Pistons, freshly blueprinted clutches and brand new cryo treated clutch springs. There is about $1000 in receipts for each engine plus the costs of the engine itself. You may see engines listed for less other places but these are built right and are fresh, buy them ready to roll instead of end of the season “deals” that need $700 in work.


      These motors are all fast, and are set up to be fast out of the turns where you need it.


      Original machine work done by L.A.D

      Fresh rebuild done by Casey Drake

      This engine also has a new rod, original was tweaked ever so slightly

      Timing : .057

      CC’s.   : 8.5

      Ipt.       : .363

      Ept.     :  1.215




      Original machine work done by L.A.D.

      Fresh rebuild done by Casey Drake

      Timing : .0585

      CC.     : 8.6

      Ipt.      : 1.206

      Ept.     : .364





      Machine work by L.A.D

      Fresh rebuild by Casey Drake

      This is the motor we ran in Daytona (p3). We had the power but not the chassis. Engine may have an hour of run time on it since. I have ran it on my dyno and it is very stout.



      I also have a fresh Bergfelt outlaw engine and carb with an extra “special carb” with a handful of spare jets and fuel dope. Engine has 40 laps since full rebuilt and new piston from Bergfelt.


      all prices include whateve paperwork I have from the builders as well as shipping.

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      Gil Spencer

      Do you still have these motors? (six-seven-eight)516-2250.

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