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      I have six Comer 50 Kid Kart motors for sale. All IKF legal motors raced by Aden Dodge two time 2011 IKF Grand National Champion, 2012 two time IKF Grand National Runner up, 2012 Apex Club Kart Champion, and leading IKF Kid Kart points leader for the beginning of 2013 before moving up to Rookie 80.
      Motors available are:
      1) Duffy – Two time National Champion. Very fast in the heat. Has new crank bearings.
      2) Farm – Most reliable, most consistant performing engine. Four IKF wins. Very fast.
      3) Taz – Newest motor to the inventory showing the performance as good or better as the farm. Fresh motor. Very fast.
      4) Blue – Best motor for the rain, or younger drivers. Showing great power and torque at lower RPM’s. Likes the cold. Has one cracked engine mount footing.
      5) Rockstar – Famous motor known for winning the 2010 Grand Nationals and a number of IKF wins. Purchased from team mate. Rebuilt by Pitts Performance with new bottom end. Still breaking in to bring back performance. Very fresh and strong
      6) Sting – Good strong all around motor showing great potential. Purchased from team mate. Rebuilt and blue printed by Pitts Performance. Still fresh and breaking in.

      Have Four older style Comer 50 motors available as well that make great practice motors.
      If interested please email me for more information and pricing at Brittdodge@gmail.com .


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