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      Chuck hurlbert

      I have a stock Honda, the coil wire length makes is a tight fit. How do you remove the wire to replace it? I’ve been told it just unscrews. I’ve tried, not hard, but am not sure if what I am doing is correct and I don’t want to ruin something that does work.

      Want to replace/ rebuild my water pump. Does anyone have a video or walk through on how to do it with out taking the case apart?

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      Bill Cox

      Coil Wire: If you mean the wire from the coil to the spark plug, yes it unscrews.

      Rebuild Water Pump: You can replace the two outer seals without removing the cover, but it is hard…tight.  If you need to replace the drive gear and bearing, you must drain the oil and remove the cover.  It’s easier to replace all the parts with the cover removed.  Go to Honda Parts Direct.com and print the Water Pump drawing.  You may need to replace gaskets, too.

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