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      Marty Troup

      I have been running the hilliard flame clutch with the black and white springs and have found it just fine and durable. I just picked up the fire with the needle bearings etc. but have been told that it is a good clutch but very easy to burn up. I guess you need to be extra careful if you get bumped and spun as not to hold the throttle down to get back on or from trying to take off with hard steering input??


      2nd what is the best octaine to run in in them. to high and not the best burn for power and too low pre detonation. so for out 8 to 1 compression has anyone tried it on a dyno?


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      Walt Gifford

      I can’t imagine the Hillard fire would burn up any different than any other clutch. Keep chain oil off of it and don’t abuse it and it will last a long time.

      8:1 is not high compression, just use regular gas.


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