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      Scott Sawyer

      Running an Inferno Flame on my 206, it’s what the previous owner had installed. I’ve run into several issues on my “race ready” kart so I’m doing some maintenance. I pulled the clutch and noticed he had set it up with trailing shoes, but when I read the manufacturer’s recomendations they say most people will run leading shoes. Any reason I shouldn’t flip the clutch?


      How do I know when the clutch is worn enough to need replacing? The front grooves are almost worn away, but the rears are still pretty deep. Not noticing any slip, when do I need to replace it? Does this wear affect whether or not I can change to a leading shoe?


      When I put the clutch assembly on the crank I measured the overhang past the end of the crank. Recomendation from the manufacturer is .020″-.030″, I have .045″. The clutch install instructions say you must use the chamfered spacer on the crank, then use spacers to get the overhang right. I already have too much overhang, adding spacers will just make it worse. Any suggestions?


      My son’s Briggs Cadet was set up by Kartsport with an outboard drive. The seat on my kart is offset to clear the clutch, flipping the drive looks like it would let me move the seat closer to the center line. Is changing to this style as simple as flipping the clutch on the crank? Pretty sure if I flip the sprocket carrier on the axle the chain will line up, anything else I would need to do?


      I’ll probably come up with more questions, thanks in advance!

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      Richard Gordon

      You should be able to just flip it over and make sure the shoes are oriented so the shoes are leading.  It shouldn’t have that much overhang unless there are spacers already there.  Is it the correct chamfer washer?  The beveled side goes towards the engine.  Make sure it is on the right way.  I have 3 206 engines with this clutch and had to use the spacers to get clutch the proper amount off the crank.  Also check to make sure the keyway isn’t blurred up so the clutch isn’t sliding on all the way.  Yes, it is best to run the gear inboard so you can move the engine further in.  Hope this helps.  Those shoes are pretty tough, but if the grove is almost gone, might be worth replacing.

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      Walt Gifford

      Did you scale the kart before you wanted to move the seat?

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