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    Mark Lozon

    Okay going to try the clone class. The wka says clutch open to any dry clutch. That’s wide open….Running a 6.5 box stock on a sprint course on a 360 lb birel kart in the junior class. Give me some choices.

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    You could just install a good old MAXTORQUE, or TORQUEMAX

    They do hook up pretty good, and are durable, not to mention extremely low cost

    Unless you wanna go high tech and spend a lot more money, then there are several options, but in my opinion, and having experience with the cheap clutch with the same application you’re describing works just fine, and had many hour of fun and trouble free

    Those clutches hook up real good and when they’re on, they are pretty solid, not bad for cheap clutches.

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    John Matthews

    There are also a few simple mods you can do with the standard SS (six shoe) clutch. Give them a call http://www.maxtorque.com/index.asp and ask. You’ll be surprised on how much you can do with their “cheap clutch”.




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    Brian Degulis

    ARC has one called the Mongrel. It’s a modified Max Torque with a bearing instead of a bushing. We’ve had good luck with them.


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    Jeff Foust

    We’ve had very good luck with the Stinger shoe/drum clutches on clones.. They hook up well, are relatively cheap compared to disc clutches, easy to work on, etc. Our club mandates them for junior clones and also for our Senior “sportsman” class. They seem to run forever – I’m paranoid, so I tear ours down and clean them monthly during race season and rarely have much buildup/glazing on them.

    I’ve also heard good things about the Mongrel, although those were on lower HP and weight junior karts, so I can’t say how they would work on a senior setup.

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    Walt Gifford

    Hilliard Flame is pretty much one of the best shoe/drum clutches. A disk clutch would run a little cooler and be less maint. Get a Horstman X5-D2 if you’ve got the bread. Although, are you sure about that rule book. I thought clones had to have drum clutches.


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