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      Dennis Chappell

      Can anyone tell me part number for the smallest diameter K&N air filter with 20 degree angle boot for stock moto. Normally run straight manifold for road racing, need to run stock angled manifold now. Seat is in the way and not moving it. Space is very limited. Trying not to have to purchase more than one to get correct fit.


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      mark waller

      Go to the K&N website.  Search for SN-2550.  It has the 20 degree angle, but it also has an oval shape that is slightly tapered.  Gives you more clearance by the seat and water hose.

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      Dennis Chappell

      Thanks Mark found it.

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      Ken Shifterkart

      Dennis, I have the same clearance issues as many CR-125 drivers do when using the stock 15 deg intake manifold. I’ve found that the oval shaped K & N RU-1380 (6″ long) works very well for me. Mike LaGrone saw it installed on my kart at the most recent ProKart Challenge race held at Sonoma. In fact, he raced and pitted with me for that race too :)

      I like the RU-1380 best because it’s a “straight” oval shape, not tapered like the SN-2550. I find that the “straight” oval shape tends to fit the Hegar air filter support that I use the best.


      I also use the Sharkshifter engine mount that allows side-to-side adjustment. I understand that other engine mounts also allow side-to-side adjustment. This allows the engine to be moved to the driver’s right to provide more clearance. Beware though…the engine mount can move the engine to the right side enough to potentially cause clearance issues between the axle sprocket/chain and the center axle bearing support and/or center axle bearing/support hardware. Don’t ask me how I know…. :) I had to change to the Sharkshifter engine mount due to the Sonoma kart track requiring the use of airboxes, which are large and cause even more clearance issues… :(


      Please note that I don’t use the offset engine sprockets shown here which would help:


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      Dennis Chappell

      Thanks Ken all good points. We have used off set engine mount also and understand the rear sprocket clearence problems.

      We road race  mostly  so we also use (ICC) off set large front sprockets that work well.

      The 2550 worked well for us so after up coming race we are back to ICC road racing no issues with these things.


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