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      Keith Bridgeman


      Gary Carlton – TB Kart – TB Kart – Modena Engines

      Jake French – Intrepid Driver Program Srl – Intrepid – TM

      Harry Gottsacker – Intrepid Driver Program Srl – Intrepid – TM

      Ryan Kinnear – Intrepid Driver Program Srl – Intrepid – TM

      Sabre Cook – CRG Spa – CRG – Maxter

      Joey Wimsett – CRG Spa – CRG – Maxter

      Phillip Orcic – Phillip Orcic – CRG – TM

      Christian ​Schureman – Christian ​Schureman – CRG – TM

      So Fore, Abbasse and Lamb have run in S1 this year and now we have a big group of our S1 drivers going over to compete in the CIK series on KZ engines.   This would be a great time to get some views on how things compare.   Carlton does is daily blog,  I hope this is done with a few from this group.   Would be a bummer if nothing really come from it.


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      David Cole

      We are working with CRG-USA driver Joey Wimsett on a Driver Blog to publish after his two week trip to Italy with the CRG factory.

      EKN will be posting updates on the event throughout the October 10-12 weekend here and on social media.

      David Cole - EKN Managing Editor

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      Keith Bridgeman

      Good to hear, I was hopeful this would be covered well.



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