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      Benn Herr


      If you own a car, a kart, and a formula car you could do a lot of driving at Chuckwalla. We are offering a W2W Race group for all cars, a SuperMiata race, a KART race group, and an Open Wheel race group. The KART and Open Wheel groups are subject to sufficient signups (so sign up soon if you’re interested.) All groups require proper race-prepped vehicles and a license from Speed Ventures or other recognized sanctioning body. Please contact us for details!

      That was taken directly from the Speed Ventures email.

      Yes, it’s getting to be the last minute, and yes, I know it didn’t work out last time. But this time is different. Better communication between all parties involved. Once again, it depends on having enough numbers.

      ProAutoSports can take your pre-entry (using a credit card) and if the number is not met, no charge. So call and let them know you’re interested.

      Here is a link to the Speed Venture site:


      And the ProAutoSports site:




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      John Kuntze

      The only difference from last year was there was more notice and you are still trying to split the few people that might run from the Willow Springs event on the 15th just like last year. Why try and make the same mistake again just like I said last year I would support the event if it wasn’t scheduled on top of Willow.


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      Benn Herr

      Only relaying the announcent. They didn’t ask me about the scheduling.

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      Greg Lindahl

      Hope to make a race at Chuck some time.

      Thanks Ben.

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      Bill Cox

      I would be at Chuckwalla, too, but for Willow Springs the weekend before and NCK at Thunderhill the week following.  No way can I manage 3-back-to-back weekends!  Hope ProAutoSports and Speed Ventures will give us another try.

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      Benn Herr

      At this time there will be no Karts or Open Wheel cars at Chuckwalla. We will keep working with Speed Ventures and hope to figure out some events in the future.

Viewing 5 reply threads
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