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    Greg Nelson

    China: race on the 20th, get your picks in before Q, on the 19th, midnight eastern time!! Hate these middle of the night races.

    Well Bahrain was something, think Rosburg is sending a congrats card to Hammy? Maybe Vettel is asking to have Riccardo’s car next race (or his mechanics)? Wonder if Renault is looking to buy a few M-B engines and put there cam covers on them?. Then there is Ferrari, the boss left early, they both finished and pointed but Force India out scored them 25 to 3 this race and 44 to 33 this year!
    I hate the sound and the noses of the cars, but mixing the rules up like this has made it interesting, next year I only want three changes, the cars must be self-starting with no outside connections (physical or remote), only 6 mechanics are allowed on property to ever touch the car (air jacks allowed for tire changes) and the front tires are the same as the rear (ala Z-28) and of course the rules cannot be announced until the day after this season ends. Quasi- Chaos theory at work.

    Let’s get some fresh picks from 3rd, 4th, 7th and 8th place guys.
    1-JD Gomez 169
    2-P Hir 164
    3-L Andrews 152
    4-J Derrig 150
    5-G Dzielinski 146
    6-G Nelson 107
    7-F Brun-Wibuax 96
    8- J Martin 82

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    Juan David Gomez



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    Kevin McHale

    Q: Rosberg, Hamilton, Bottas

    R: Rosberg, Hamilton, Vettel

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    Greg Dzielinski


    Hamilton – Rosberg – Vettel


    Rosberg – Hulkenberg – Alonso

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    Jim Derrig

    Gonna stick with my previous picks:

    Hammy, Rosberg and Vettel, 1-2-3 in quali and the race.

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    Paul Hir

    <span style=”background-color: rgba(255, 255, 255, 0);”>Q:HAM-ROS-RIC</span>
    <p style=”border: 0px; margin: 0px 0px 1em; padding: 0px; vertical-align: baseline;”></p>
    <p style=”border: 0px; margin: 0px 0px 1em; padding: 0px; vertical-align: baseline;”><span style=”background-color: rgba(255, 255, 255, 0);”>R: ROS-HAM-Vettal</span></p>

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    Greg Nelson

    Welcome to the fray Kevin.
    Q- Ham, Alonso, Rosburg
    Race: Rosburg, Alonso, Riccardo

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    Greg Nelson

    Q Ham, Riccardo, Vettel

    1-JD Gomez (+4) 173
    2-P Hir (+3) 167
    3-L Andrews (+3) 152
    4-J Derrig (+4) 154
    5-G Dzielinski (+4) 150
    6-G Nelson (+3) 110
    7-F Brun-Wibuax (+4) 100
    8- J Martin (0) 82
    9-K McHale (0) 0
    We have 5 picking Rosburg for his second win, 3 for his teammate Hamilton to win and one with Vettel getting his first. Does Riccardo get his first? Maybe Alonso? Can the Merc and Red Bull teammates play nice and follow orders or will they take each other out? With only a 10% chance of rain, it’s going to benefit drivers who do seem to have a handle on the wet yet and the start could see again some huge passing and maybe a big wreck to jumble up everything. Maybe Massa jumps forward and gets a podium? Can the Iceman get it together with a 2 stop race and take the fight to the front with avoiding the start carnage? I’m not staying up, so I’ll wait to watch the DVR. Good luck everyone, and Welcome McHale.

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    Kevin McHale

    Thanks Greg.  Makes the race weekend even more interesting.

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    Greg Nelson

    Sorry everyone for the slow response, work schedule is a dog this week.

    China race results = Ham 25 , Ros 18, Alo 15, Ric 12, Vet 10, Hlk 8, Bot 6, Rai4 , Per 2 and Kny 1

    1-JD Gomez 173 + 63 = 236
    2-P Hir 167 + 53 = 220
    3-J Derrig 154 + 63 = 217
    4-L Andrews 152 + 48 = 200
    5-G Dzielinski 150 + 46 = 196
    6-G Nelson 110 + 45 = 155
    7-F Brun-Wibuax 100 + 48 = 148
    8- J Martin 82 + 28 = 110
    9-K McHale 0 + 53 = 53
    Top scores in China for JD and Jim, 63 points.
    McHale scores his first points with a strong race result.
    Little bit of a break ’til the next one as they return to Europe next month.

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    Q. Hamilton. Roseberg. Vettel.
    R. Hamilton. Hulkenburg. Vettel.

    Engine sound is terrible, but what a wonderful race Bahrain was, kudo’s to Mercedes.

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