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      Kevin Reguera

      Hi, I’m looking to get my first chassis and was wondering what people are running or what they’d recommend for me.  I’m 5’06”, 165lbs and will be running the Animal engine on a sprint track.

      I’m not looking for the cheapest chassis just to get into a introductory kart.  I want the full blown sweet kart that can do everything I need it to do for years to come.  I know driving is up to me to win and any giving day anything can happen, but I want the newest technology out there and I don’t like cheap crap.

      I’m looking at all the major brands and I’m totally overwhelmed with all the choices.  I have no idea about which frame can fit that engine and what the difference between the thickness choices.  Do I need a 30mm or a 32mm?  Axle size and softness?  What are the benefits of those sizes? Heck if I know!

      Thanks for any advise or info with karting!


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      Connor Tebbe

      Which series and/or tracks are you going to be racing?

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      Mike Prokup

      Get an arrow ax94s from Gary Lawson. Do everything he says to do. Never change it…no matter what anybody tells you.  Period end.

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      Walt Gifford


      There you go young man.


      FAA certified jet engine and aircraft technician,
      Nicholson Speedway class champion 2001,
      Yamaha KT100 Service Center,
      41 years karting experience

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      Kevin Reguera

      Thanks for the ideas Mike and Walt!  I’ll look at both of them very closely.

      Darrin, I’m not sure what series they run.  It’s the track in Redding, CA.  I will probably venture over to Prarie City and Davis to run there as well after my brother picks up a kart.

      Thanks again for the recommendations.


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      Kevin Reguera

      I’m a rookie….who is Gary Lawson?

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      Cole Liggett

      I race the lo206 class (just a sealed version of the animal) with an arrow X1 chassis and have had decent success.  The reason I picked a standard 2 stroke chassis over the 4 stroke version was the ability to move classes in the future.  I’m sure after a few seasons running in the 206 class I’ll want to move up to tag, this will be much easier as I can bolt a tag right on the chassis I already own.



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      Mike Prokup

      He is on here….search him out and listen to everything he tells you. If you don’t, you will spend a lot of money re-buying a lot of things.

      Even if you can’t drive…you will know it is you and not the equipment. just google his name if you cant find him here. He owns sprint animal racing. you can also go to bobs 4 cycle website and find him on there. don’t settle for anything less. in the end you will save a lot of money and frustration.

      You can also race a Comet Eagle chassis which is very similar to an arrow ax9 4x. Call Comet Kart Sales. They may have a used AX94s or an Eagle Chassis.

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      Kevin Reguera

      Thanks again guys…much appreciated!

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