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    Ismael adame


    Hello im looking for help to identify my kart, i bought it yesterday the only info i know is that it runs a yamaha kt100 engine, i cant find any serial numbers or sticker on the chassis. Thank you





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    Mark Traylor

    I believe it is a very old and well beaten CRG Heron.

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    Ismael adame

    Yes well beaten it was 3 years under the sun light, i bought it for$150dlls.

    my plan is to completely restore it, if so how much is worth it?

    Heres another pic


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    Mark Traylor

    Sorry but I would say it is worth nothing.   It is too old for anyone to want for racing and you can get a hobby kart that is much newer with an engine more appropriate for a hobby kart pretty darn cheap.   It is also not nearly old enough to be a vintage kart so no dice there.  I just bought a very nice and super clean early 90’s Invader with front brakes and a running yamaha engine for $150.

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    Richard Gordon

    Unfortunately it would take more than it is worth to restore.  Unless you just want to do it for fun, would be better to buy something in better shape for a little more.  Lots of cheap karts from the late 90s and early 2000s out there in way better condition.

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