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      Maximilian Righetti

      Hi guys,

      I am brand new to the karting scene, and as I found out a local drag track was planning on building a karting track, I had to take the trade offer of a go kart for my moped I had.I have been interested in karting for years, but never had the funds. I don’t know much of anything about brands and such, and if there are packages to build your own karts or what, but I got a kart with a claimed 5hp Briggs motor on a road chassis. I just wanted to know if anyone knew what chassis it was, and if it is worth messing around with, or wait until I find something better. Any help would be appreciated!

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      Maximilian Righetti


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      Walt Gifford

      Well if it’s a racing kart it sounds like it’s from the Gold Cup series but could also be an oval kart or a yard kart. Without a link or a Pic it’s very hard to tell.


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      Stu Hayner


      I believe that anyone new to the sport should invest in a complete competitive racing kart at first.

      There’s too many unidentifiable parts and pieces to assemble one from scratch.

      Do your homework to make sure the kart you buy can be raced locally, (even though you may want to just drive it for a while before you jump in to racing).

      Karting can be the most rewarding thing you ever do, but if you do it wrong it can be a waste of time and $$.

      Start with something semi simple like a LO206, KT100 or KPV. Learn how to drive it correctly and maintain it – then learn to tune it to fit your driving – then learn how to race and learn racecraft, before you decide to buy a TAG or shifter kart

      I believe that if every new karter took these simple steps, there’d be more Karters and less worthless stuff on CL.

      Just my $.02


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