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      Ryan Schartau

      FOR SALE

      1 SOLD : 2 TopKart Eagle Chassis’s 950 length , all bought within the last year.
      All karts are in great condition and ready to race at the front. These Karts are really nice, handle very well, easy to tune, good track support.

      SOLD: Original NEVOSO Chassis with seat mounted in the right location , proper axle, custom foot rests for small drivers , Wieght locations marked for proper balance. A 900 length Chassis, This Chassis works great for Drivers under 65 lbs. A Great Kart.

      Between all chassis’s , they have won 6 I.K.F. Duffies, 6 Screaming Eagles, 2013 SKUSA PKC Series Points Champion and Multiple LAKC Championships.

      Any questions , please PM Ron Schartau,
      All inquiries welcome

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      Stephen Huelsman

      How much are you selling the rollers for?

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