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    Mike Arnold

    What would cause the chain to break? I have had the chain to break in exactly the same place on the track (braking / downshift area after long straight) 2 years in a row – 1 year apart)

    Also, can you recommend a good chain breaker? I have been using what looks like a RLV type but the longer pin keeps breaking and I can’t push the pin completely out? Is there a better stronger type out there?



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    Troy V Smith

    Hey Mike – you are not pushing the pin completely out of the link are you? If you’re having trouble with chain breaking, and trouble with pin pushing – I think you’re on the right track – might want to check into a different chain breaker and see if you get better results. The one I use, is in fact an RLV, but I have never broken a chain, or the pin on the tool. Maybe the breaker you’re using is damaging, or bending the link and putting just enough stress on the chain to break it under a heavy load?

    Is this the only place you break a chain? I wouldn’t think braking alone would have anything to do with it, but I would imagine heavy braking combined with a downshift could cause a pretty heavy load on the chain?

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    Mike Arnold


    I have never found the broken chain to see where it was broken.
    My trouble with the chain breaker is when I am trying to put a new chain back on and I need to shorten the DiD chain to fit the length I want. The longer push pin keeps breaking and then it is not long enough to push the pin out to disconnect the links to shorten it.

    Also, What is the average life of chain? How many hours or races should a chain last before changing.

    Thanks everyone,


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    Mike Arnold
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    Michael Taksa

    Interesting to see people have problems with 428 chain, in my experience they are as bullet proof as cr125 transmission:)  Few suggestions, works for me.  In the beginning of the season  buy 3 chains.  I then grind the pin on a side of the link to set desired length. The reason for 3 chains is to have 3 different length chains for different gear combinations.  Once I have the 3 chains set to length I never use the chain breaker, I use “master” links to get chains off and on.  428 chains last a season for me. Lube a few times a day.

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    Brian Degulis

    The RLV chain breaker has 2 bolts in it. One has the long pin on it for pushing the pin out of the chain the other has a cupped pin for pushing it back in. If you use the long pin to put it back together it’s going to break every time. You should also check for play or space side to side after you put it together. Sometimes you’ll find it’s to tight and you have to spread it a little to get proper spacing.



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    Tyson Henry

    I have a lot of hours on my current chain…..probably in the neighborhood of 25-30 and it still looks pretty good. Going to change it before the next time out, but a chain, if taken care of properly, shouldn’t be breaking all the time.

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