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      Robert Lawson

      Wasn’t there a Grattan thread here just last week???? Hmmm…

      Well, were geared up anyway. Rich’s kart is completely reworked and back together now and we should see a good sized Unltd. class up there this weekend.

      For Rich it will be a tune-up for MIS but I will be fully testing the repair to the cases we suffered through a few months ago. Very much looking forward to seeing all the guys and socializing a bit…..it’s been too long!

      Hope to see a good crowd out there.


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      Bob Vehring

      Good group of 4 cy coming from Badger area

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      Dennis Chappell

      Anyone know how long they will keep track open for drop off today?
      6:00PM TO ?

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      David Cole

      Check with Deanne on Facebook. She’s already there.

      David Cole - EKN Managing Editor

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      Robert Lawson

      Just getting back home….

      Not a bad weekend, each of the earlier races on Saturday got a slight sprinkle on one part of the course or another but nothing major. I think one might have been stopped and called.

      Got the worst storm I’d ever endured last night though. Rich and I were sleeping by 11pm but were both WIDE awake from 12:30 to 2:30 am. It was as if we parked the trailer under Niagra Falls the rain was so intensely heavy. And, with wind gusts of 40-50 mph…..It must have felt very much like what Noah experienced on the Ark!!!! I’m not ashamed to say I was concerned. Putting my hand on the tin roof of the trailer it felt like pee pebble being constantly dumped on us! Not much thunder but some intense lightning lit up the interior from just the roof vet lid. Busted out my phone and checked the radar and it was a large very intense storm indeed, never seen “burgundy” on radar before!!!!

      So, when it did finally slow down we got some sleep knowing there would be the ever present and historically normal “3 river crossings” on the track in the morning. All races for CES members were called for rain points and condensed but ran for trophies only.

      This made for awesome spectating!!!! :)

      All in all it was a beautiful day out there today, weather wise.

      A big Thank You to Dave and his crew for doing what they do and providing us with another opportunity to race at this facility. Lots of happy, friendly, smiling folks with CES makes participating a good time!

      Thanks Guys!!!!!!


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      Glen Luening

      Great fun as always at Gratten. Thanks to Dave and all the volunteers for putting on a great event as always.


      Bad business on the part of Gratten to make us uphold the race day on a track that was not suitable for wheel to wheel competition.  I know that it was a mother nature things but the track could have cut a deal for rental that day. They need to do some improving of drainage in a few spots.

      But all in all it was a fun time Saturday.

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      tony zambos

      Yep! That was fun. To Dave and his crew, thanks.

      No one has commented on the improvements to the track amenities. That was a surprise. The track weeping after a hard rain, not a surprise.

      LAD Specialties customer / tony kart / rotax / kt100

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      Dennis Chappell

      I think the reason for no comment on amenities is some of us have already been to the track seen and discussed the improvements, and thanks again to the track for them.

      Thanks to Dave and everyone who helps put the race on. This is a great place to race karts. If anyone has not raced here you must put it on your to do list.


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      Dennis Chappell

      We know about every major sprint kart race happening, minute by minute details.

      Wasn’t there a road race at Grattan couple weeks ago?

      I seen some awful good racing going on when I got the chance to watch.

      We wonder why we can’t get new racers to start road racing, maybe we should report on the excellent racing we are having so people will get involved.

      Any ideas?


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      Keith Bridgeman

      I just put a post up on the general page stating we need some new idea on this site.  One of mine would be a section for all race series to input a weekend update or some type of recap.  I agree,  there needs to be more info the CES and many other series.

      I also think the word Enduro is misleading.    If someone reads Enduro they might think its all 3 hour races and only laydown karts on the longest road courses.   That’s partially true but I would say Blackhawk, Grattan and many other tracks KART runs on are like big sprint tracks.   Although participation is good I would think it could still be much better.


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      Dennis Chappell

      Some good points Keith. We always return form our race and I look forward to reading how exciting the racing was that I just witness.
      Well nothing. I have been to every type of racing there is from F1 to local short tracks and some of the kart races I have watched the last couple years have ranked right up there with the best. Drafting at over 100mph with 4 to 5 karts finishing 3 and 4 wide for photo finish. Man I would be selling that any chance I get. If I had never been to a kart race I would want to see that. We have brought friends and family to watch and they are amazed at what they see. We need to get the word out now not after they stop road racing. Just my two cents.

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      Eric Chappell

      Sunday’s CES CIK 125 top 4…..

      this was 25mins of awesome racing…….with a WET turn 1!!

      __________________diff                 best time
      1   362 Cody Elliott                                01:20.344
      2   65 Lance Lane          00.030         01:20.331
      3   125 Eric Chappell     00.048        01:20.329
      4   235 Alex Conlin       03.348         01:20.121

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