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    Diego Zometa

    Hello guys, Im kinda new to karting. looking around online and reading about karts, I found info about carbon fiber body, but no info on carbon fiber chassis/frames.

    Why is it that they dont make carbon fiber chassis? Carbon fiber is very strong and lighter than metal.

    I know the question to some of you might sound stupid, but again! Im new to this and I couldnt find any info online about it.

    Im second!

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    Gary Osterholt

    Not allowed by the rules.



    Gary Osterholt
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    Charles Skowron

    Not to mention a steel tubeframe is about the simplest chassis you could make, and the current karts in that form are still way more expensive than they should be. The price of a carbon chassis would be obscene.

    Plus, the strength and stiffness that CFRP can obtain, might not exactly be beneficial to a kart chassis. The peculiar nature of how a modern kart chassis works means that it needs to flex in order to perform properly. Think more in line of  a carbon fiber suspension, rather than an ultra-stiff carbon tub chassis.

    I think I recall someone making a carbon chassis as an experiment nevertheless. Not good for karting anyway to put that idea into production.



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    Charles Kaneb

    The CIK doesn’t want the ground-effect aero genie out of the bottle in karting. If I were to build a carbon kart frame, it would have a nice big tunnel down the middle and a pair of replaceable wooden rub strips to seal it.


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    Charles Kaneb


    Is steel cheaper than carbon fiber?

    Design a tension member, 3 ft long, to support 5,000 lbs.

    Go to CarbonFiberTubeShop and price out the carbon fiber tube you’d need.

    Go to AircraftSpruce and price out the steel tube you’d need.

    You’ll be surprised.



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    Charles Kaneb

    (Both materials come out to around $1/ton/foot in tension!)

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    TJ Koyen

    Karts frames need to flex to work. Steel flexes, carbon doesn’t. Not to mention the cost involved. Not to mention it’s against all governing body rules.

    In a crash, instead of ending up with this:

    You would end up with this:

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    Diego Zometa

    Thanks guys!

    Im second!

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