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    Rob Kozakowski


    I’m guessing that the Canadian regs will be similar to the US regulations, but they’re now available at http://www.maxchallenge.ca

    A summary of the changes is available in a bulletin here…



    1) Choice of “full-EVO” or “no-EVO” – no mixing of components allowed.

    2) Micro and Mini have to upgrade to “lettered” (2012 and newer) cylinders for 2015, if going with the EVO upgrades – an extra cost that a lot of people were probably not expecting for the youngest racers who want to go EVO.

    3) All cylinders have to be upgraded to the lettered (2012 and newer) cylinders for 2016 – not sure that many people saw this one coming.

    4) Squish changes for mini and DD2, but I think these were already known.

    5) A few other items for mini and micro.

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    Christian Fox

    Absolutely f#cking ridiculous. I really hope they don’t do the same thing in the US. They mandate a cyclinder change 3 weeks before the season starts? I had heard hints of the cylinder change for next year, but how can they do that now? I just had a Micro re-built for the upcoming season…guess what…it has a 2009 cylinder. There is no way a non-upgraded Micro will keep up with an upgraded motor or a new EVO, so there is no point trying to run a Prevo. Unbelievable. I really should just buy a Mini Rok. Eff rotax

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    Rob Kozakowski

    It looks like US and Canada are identical… including the requirement for Micro and Mini to have “lettered” cylinders to go EVO, effective immediately… Junior, Senior and DD2 have until 2016 to go with “lettered” cylinders if they want to go EVO.



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    Rob Kozakowski

    US Mini and Micro appendix… 1.7 and 2.6 on the cylinders…


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    Christian Fox

    Thanks Rob. I was told the mini/micro cylinder ban would only apply to national events (Grand Nationals and Pan Am) for this year. Regional Rotax sanctioned series will still allow use of pre 2011 barrels if they so choose. Next year, only letter coded barrels for any event.

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    Rob Kozakowski

    The joys of figuring out which rules apply to your series!

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    Mark Traylor

    This is interesting.   the US does call for lettered cylinders only on EVO engines in micro and mini engines.

    “5.5.1. EVO Engines
    Evo engines must use a cylinder marked with lettered production code. Letters are different from one production batch to another.”

    But you could read this as pure EVO, not upgraded PREVO.  Not sure what the intention is but it was not spelled out.  I could certainly see the desire to stop people from mixing the 2009 “super cylinders” with the new engines.

    Also when reading the supplemental regs for Micro and Mini it is clear I was wrong on other details I have stated here.  BAsed on conversations with Josh it sounded like there would be not changes to allowable micro jets witht he Evo engines (Rotax is still shipping with the 115-130 jet kit)  Only regs in the supplementals on the XS carb refers you to section 6.8 in the full regulations (airbox regulations), actually should be 6.9.   6.9 does not specify any jet restrictions so micro should be totally open on jetting.



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    Rob Kozakowski


    The Canadian summary sheet (link above) makes it pretty clear (it’s even underlined) in the “Questions and Answers” section…

    Last sentence of #2. “For Micro and Mini, if you upgrade your old engine to EVO, you must use a cylinder marked with a lettered production”.

    Given that US and Canada specs appear to be the same, I’d say it’s pretty clear what the intent is.

    At official RMax events, the kids have to run the newer cylinders, if they want to run EVO kits.

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    Christian Fox

    Rob, I’m sure you are correct in regard to the cylinder question, but Canada and the US have had different regulations before. Canada was on full-size Minimax chassis a year before the US, and Canada doesn’t allow the use of soft axles for Micros. Mark is correct that in the official rules sheet it is worded in such a way that it could be interpreted as only new (not upgraded) Evos would require newer cylinders. The Canadian bulletin made it pretty clear, but I think Maxspeed will have to issue something similar to make it crystal clear.

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    Rob Kozakowski

    My impression is that as far as Rotax goes, given the number of Canadians supporting the US-based International Rotax events (the 2 big Rotax winter series – FWT, COA; and the Pan-Am; and there’s also the Northwestern Can-Am series that crosses borders), it’s finally dawning on people that it only makes sense to get rid of the differences between the Canada and US rules.

    It seems that Maxspeed (US) and SRA (Canada) are working closer together all the time to ensure that this happens.

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