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    Greg Nelson

    Current standings after Monaco:
    1-J Derrig 382
    2-JD Gomez 70
    3-P Hir 360
    4-G Dzielinski 307
    5-L Andrews 292 Last picks posted, Ham, Ros, Vet
    6-G Nelson 242
    7-F Brun-Wibuax 222 Last picks posted, Ham, Hulk, Vet
    8-K McHale 203
    9-J Martin 173 Last picks posted, Vet Gro Ros

    Ok, time to pick, get your finger outta your nose hoser!!, pick the racers……get your finger outta their nose, jeez, buncha hosers!

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    Jim Derrig

    Quali:  Hammy, Rosberg, Riccardo

    race: Hammy, Rosberg, Riccardo

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    Paul Hir

    Quali: Hammy, Rosberg, Riccardo

    Race: Hammy, Rosberg, Alonso

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    Greg Dzielinski

    Q=  ROS, HAM, RIC

    R= ROS, HAM, ALO

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    Greg Nelson

    Remember, starting with Monaco, everyone who posts a current set of picks, get 5 bonus points JD, PH and GD all gain 5 posts for posting for this race. Also, remember you can edit your pick up to the start of Q.
    I’m going with Hammy, Rosburg and Vettle for qualifying and I think Vettle’s luck, will change and finally get him to the front, Race: Vettle, Rosburg, Alonso. 5 points for me!!!! eh?

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    Kevin McHale

    Q: Hamilton, Rosberg, Ricciardo

    R: Hamilton, Rosberg, Alonso


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    Greg Nelson

    Current standings after Canada:
    1-J Derrig 430
    2-JD Gomez 418 Last picks Ric, Ham, Ros
    3-P Hir 391
    4-G Dzielinski 347
    5-L Andrews 323 Last picks posted, Ham, Ros, Vet
    6-G Nelson 293
    7-F Brun-Wibuax 252 Last picks posted, Ham, Hulk, Vet
    8-K McHale 234
    9-J Martin 199 Last picks posted, Vet Gro Ros

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    Jim Derrig

    Thanks Greg.  Canada was a helluva race, eh?  Haven’t seen anything from Mercedes about what suddenly caused both their cars to lose power on the same lap and my guess is that it was a one-race gremlin that will not gift another race to a competitor.

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    Kevin McHale

    Yeah, thanks for doing the scoring Greg.  Wild ending to the race, hard crash at the end between Massa and Perez.  What’s the consensus, was it really Perez’s fault?  Looked like Massa hit him pretty hard from behind.

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    johnny brooks

    I ran it back and forth in slow-mo on the DVR and Perez did move left just as Massa was going by. Also the speed differential seemed to show Perez braking early.
    The stewards agree with that and gave Perez a 5 grid penalty for the next race.

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