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      Ambrose Buldo

      I posted this in the General info area, figured it would be more appriopiate here.

      I fully understand that the Rotax has a total Loss System and that it needs to have a charged battery to start and run properly.

      Hopefully starter won’t fail, but if it does, could I start engine by attaching my external starter to the starter nut (Like on a Leopard)?  If not’ I’ll dontate my Coleman external starter to someone who could use it.

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      Larry Hayashigawa


      Since it doesn’t look like anyone is going to answer your question and I think I know the reason:  Rotax starters hardly ever fail.  I’ve had one failure in 5 or 6 years of running Rotax and it’s likely most other Rotaxians have had the same experience.   It’s not like the other TaG motors, which are mostly non-TaG, what a joke.

      I wouldn’t nut start it because it may not have been designed for it and also, I heard that putting a hole in the side pod was not totally Rotax compliant.

      I have a starter but have never started the Rotax with it.



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      I had the external can of my starter motor crack and it was barely holding on. You could move the whole can up and down over a half inch just one small piece is all that was keeping it from falling off completly. The starter still worked and had no problems starting the engine. Replaced it with the can(has the magnets in it) off another older starter and everything is working great. I have yet to see a Rotax driver use an external starter.

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      Chad Landers

      I posted on the other thread.  Yes you can external start a Rotax.

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