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    Arvind Baskar

    If I were to buy a new kart, could I negotiate on the price of the chassis? When prices reach $7000, I would be surprised if you couldn’t. It isn’t buying groceries, you what I mean? I could get a car for the money, and you can negotiate on those, so I was just asking.

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    Randy McKee

    Yep, in fact you can even negotiate on groceries.  I’ve never done it, but I’ve witnessed it a few times at checkout.

    Keep in mind most kart shops are dealing with small margins to begin with, so you’re wiggle room may be less than buying an expensive TV or car.

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      Arvind Baskar

      If I was to buy directly from the manufacturer?

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    Usually manufacturers are not open to the public, there is a reason why there are dealers to distribute their merchandise.

    However, there may be a little room for negotiation, but I would never insist aggressively, or demand for a lower price, as mentioned above these dealers and shops have a huge overhead and very small margin of profits, and it is extremely difficult for them to survive, in fact most of them have to have a 2nd job to support their families.

    It would be in your best interest not to hit them so hard in case of a negotiation, but you could go easy, and have them sympathize  with you on the price. And who knows? You may get a smoken deal after all, just by doing the right approach in a positive way. And if they like you they may even throw in a few more goodies with the bundle.


    Keep in mind, it is always a good idea to be a likeable customer, you will get lots of support, advice and a good relationship. ( always have shops, engine builders/tuners on your side )


    My 2 cents. FastFreddy.  ;)

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