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      Bill Kelly

      Hello EKN,

      Firstly, Thank you for everything EKN does for the karting community.

      I am having a problem editing classified ads. I used to be able to easily edit my classified ads once the items were sold. The way I used to be able to do it, is not available. I have been unsuccessful at finding access that gives me the ability to edit/delete the body and heading of my ads. I can edit my responses to iquiries, but nothing else.
      A few other things I need explained/answered if you would. Thank you. (1)There is no clear way to upload photos to an ad. Many menbers complain about that in the ads yet nothing has changed to simplify the process. How is it done? (2) What do all the above abreviations mean? (B-Quote, IMG, UL, OL, LI, CODE, CLOSE TAGS) I have never come across a format like this for ad writing any where else. A lot of us do not work with computers, a more simple format woud be helpful. (3) Is there a way to delete an ad? (4) If not, why? (5) My profile shows 4 messages. I click on them and both the “read” an “unread” thumbnails show nothing. What is happening there? (6)I have 2 “NEW REPLIES”. After reading them they remain listed as “new” and I can not delete them. How can I get rid of, at least the “2 new Messages” notification?
      Thank you again for EKN and all of the content.

      Stay Healthy,
      Bill Kelly

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      David Cole

      Please send us an email at webmaster@ekartingnews.com and we will get back to you regarding the answers to your question. Thank you.

      David Cole - EKN Managing Editor

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