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      Joey H.

      total noob here,

      so basically I’m looking to buy my first shifter kart and i wanted to get some help on which is a better buy or a better kart in your guy’s  opinion  all information is much appreciated. Also I’m pretty much looking to race it once in a while but mainly to go to open track days and practice I’m pretty much am copying and pasting the ad

      First kart:

      Engine has been built form innovative karting it’s a cr85 shifter national champ engine worth $1,300, on biesse kart chassis fresh black powder coat only practice two times ! With brembo front and rear brakes using floater disc rear brake a carbon fiber brake cool scoop a big aluminum radiator.


      Second Kart:

      kart is an Italian Wildkart Fighter II chassis. This is a newer chassis but again unsure of the year. Straight with no signs of repairs. The engine is the highly sought after TM K9 ES Shifter Tag kart engine. This is the only shifter kart engine that has electric start built into the engine. Imagine not having to ask someone to push start you every time or if a spin out occurs and you stall the engine. Just hit the button and you’re off again. These engines are built with a beefier bottom end for years of use with no issues. This kart also comes with a Mycron Light which shows rpm and engine temp

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      Dave Holstein

      I run in a 80 shifter class so I might be a little influenced to say an 80/85 would be a better choice for your first shifter.

      I know the idea of an electric start sound really convenient, but the cost of the top end kit alone will cost real close to what you can rebuild an 80/85 top AND bottom end, and if something does break, dollar signs start flying.

      get an 80, they are cheap, you can find great deals on them, and you can pick up a spare engine for the price of a replacement crank for that TM k9!

      Just my two cents…


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      Glenn L Riggs

      I run tms and wouldnt worry about having to ever replace a crank, rod and bearings yes. That electric tm is all different inside and parts are special because of the electric start the engine is detuned to be able to start so it wont run with a non electric engine if thats not a problem for you and you want it for fun I would say go ahead.

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      Harrison Potsworth

      No TM K9 is ‘sought after’

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      Spencer Uzri

      This is kind of like RE.  Location, location, & location are all important factors.  If you live an area where TM’s are supported, then you’re GTG.  If not, top-end maintenance is easy (@ 130 L fuel), while changing the bottom end bearings (@ 330 L) requires more knowledge & the right tools/equipment.  Having a shop that can help support you when you need it should be a real consideration.

      I have a K9ES, & it’s a really nice shifter motor (I think).  The “detuning”, as such, was done with the goal of reducing maintenance intervals.  Boost ports were eliminated to improve mid-range (costing some top end); bottom-end crank & bearings are +2 mm larger diam to improve durability; 13.8K ignition rev limit, & then of course the e-start, which actually works nicely & is hassle-free.  I put a tender on the battery & leave it over the winter.

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