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      andy graham

      my son is getting so big so quick, and not being 13 yet, I thought I’d try and finish one of my abandoned projects and build him an S5 shifter kart…working with a 2010 OTK krypton chassis, 32mm…I’ve gotten some very solid advice from a fellow ekn’er, however I failed to mention to him that we’d be using a 32mm chassis, not a 30mm..and of course being 12 he’s tall and skinny, maybe right at 100lbs….So far the build is going well, it’s time for a seat and final tuning…I’m concerned about the balance from right to left with such a heavy powerplant mounted on the right of the driver.  My thought was to set it up as follows — no front bar, neutral camber and castor (as out of the box), axle in lowest position, place the seat where otk says to, set the rear width at 55″, no seat struts to start with, run 130/210s with YLBs….any and all advice is much appreciated here….curious how much importance S5 tuners put on scaling — side to side and front to back — and if so, what is ideal scaling…again, all advice and help is much appreciated

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      TJ Koyen

      I’d put in a soft front bar and at least one seat strut per side. I feel like already the 32mm is going to be too stiff for a 100lb kid, but without seat struts you’ve got no hope to get it to load properly.

      The rest of it, set it up baseline like you said and see if it works. I drove a 32mm kart for a while at one point, back when I weighed maybe 120, and really struggled to get it to lift properly because it was so stiff.

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      andy graham

      thanks TJ….I’d really like to put him in a 30mm chassis, but I’m trying to work with what I have (a 32mm krypton) and considering he’ll be learning to drive a gearbox kart <not competing> with this set up, I figured we’d give it a try…ya know, you’re the second person to mention seat struts, however I dont run any on my evrr with a T9.5 seat and the thing handles unreal, must have to do with driver weight I suppose….I know shifters should be stiffer than tag set ups, I have the struts, I guess we could mount them and test attached and unattached to see what works better…if he takes a liking to the gearbox, we’ll sell the TAG chassis and this 32mm and get him a newer (14 or15) 30mm chassis….or at least thats my thinking….I think seat position is going to be crucial here



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      Walt Gifford

      Without scales I’d guess the seat would want to be 1-1/2″ left of center at least.


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