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    Dean Martin

    Hi Folks

    I got to spend Sunday at Donnington Park in the UK to see the final rounds of the Superkarts for 2013  There were about 47 Karts of which about 5 were twins, 3 450cc 4 strokes husqvarna and KTM  but most were CR250 with a couple of engine builder OEM top end conversions. This is club racing at its best.


    <span class=”watch-page-link”>http://youtu.be/vZQgcdODqLk</span>

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    Robert Lawson

    Dude that’s sweet!

    How many do you suppose finished???

    That’s a huge field…..

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    Ian Harrison

    Hi Guys

    Here is a link to the results fot those interested.


    Best Regards

    Ian :-)

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    Larry Dobbs

    Not much chance of me racing in the UK, but the best superkart racing in the US will be at Sonoma November 30th!  This is an annual stand alone race where the fastest kart wins.  This is club racing at its best in the US.  We will have @20 ICE karts (CR250’s and Rotax 257’s).  Last year Dean had the fastest lap with his CR250 while Anthony Williams won the race with his Rotax 257.

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    Dean Martin

    Under 10%  DNF’s I think  but the official results would confirm better. I recall a couple of twins came in as did Tevor Roberts (CR250) but very few stopped out on track with bits falling off.  There didnt seem to be any Rotax I think its because they dont permit them to run the stud/head gurdles which allows strength to tune more(?)   Most of the attriton seems to be attributed to detonation because they mandate pump quality unleaded 80-90 octane fuel so they are always on the edge.

    To Larrys point – there will be a good 20 superkarts at Infineon and if we count the 125 gearbox karts I bet its close to 35-40 grid. IF we could convince the 125s to run full bodywork instead of CIK our first lap vidoes could look this impressive too.



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    Chris Reinhardt

    Looked just like the grid at the ESK VIR race…..  :)


    Chris Reinhardt

    CR2 Motorsports


    XV Racing Products



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