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    Rick Brown

    If you could pick one clutch to run on an animal/WF what would it be and why?

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    Craig Drabik

    WF is supposed to be a spec clutch, the Premier Titan that comes with the engine.  Having said that, the clutch is a little temperamental.  I’ve collected a good half-dozen of them over the years.  Can’t really help you out past that, our club stipulates the stock clutch.

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    Darrin Tebbe

    We’ve ran 4-cycles for the better part of 8 years now with both open clutch rules and drum clutch rules.

    For open clutch I like the BLACK SMC Vortex 2 disk. You won’t find a clutch that gives you better starts and you just keep it clean and it works. Air gap does not effect the stall speed. One thing to note is that if you go with the SMC do not try to use any other brand drivers with it. Get the SMC ones and you won’t have DNF issues.

    For a drum clutch rule I like the GE Ultimate. Simple, rock solid, and fast. They are also a pretty low profile clutch, so if seat clearance is an issue they are a good choice.

    As has been mentioned, WF has a spec clutch.


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    Rick Brown

    Thanks Darrin! Our club has always run the titan as the spec clutch but we’re going to test some other this season and possibly allow an alternative. As of right now we’re testing the Hillard Inferno, Max Torque ss, and the “mongrel”

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