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      Still Sealed Briggs and Stratton LO206 was a new engine in 2013. It ran a full season at Bliss that year. In spring of 2014 the short-block was replaced and the head done (valves, springs, seats cut etc.) and it ran 5 races that year. 60 laps on it in two race nights this year and that’s it. The only known issue is one of the header bolts backed out the last time it was ran. There is a visible egg shape to the hole but the threads engage fine. It comes with the RLV spec pipe and muffler.

      The Hilliard Clutch had the (5) 2014 races on it, the bronze bushing before 60 laps on it this season. I believe the driver is 15 tooth.

      Price: $650 Shipped anywhere in the continental US

       photo image_zpsqcrox4z9.jpeg

       photo image_zpsfysii6gh.jpeg

       photo image_zpshsxjdd7j.jpeg

       photo image_zpsa73euder.jpeg

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      Paul Hir


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