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    John Robicheaux

    I got the opportunity to run a TAG kart for the first time (love this class with the MG Whites and the Vortex I ran) at this past weekends TPKC race at Dallas Karting Complex. I really enjoyed all the grip the tires had and the throttle response of these motors versus the Rotax Masters I normally run. Unfortunately the clutch and engine package bit the dust before the final on Saturday and we couldn’t find parts to rebuild it for Sunday. Naturally I was super bummed out but its just the way it was going to be….until Brian McHattie offered up a complete motor package so I could race. I didn’t know Brian although I had seen him at a FWT race in Ocala earlier in the year. Here is what I learned Brian is a super nice guy, he has a passion for karting along with anything that is racing in general, he was willing to freely offer me chassis advice and other assistance while wanting nothing but for me to go run better and be competitive which I did in a big way. With the changes we made and Brian’s motor I got the lead at the start of the final, lead the first six laps very strong then blew up a rib injury I had when I got the kart bouncing. Anyway I held on for four more laps till Anthony Honeywell motored bye, I checked out to the pits after he passed me…done for the day.

    So this is a Shout Out to Brian for his sportsmanship, friendship and respect he showed me…..all of these very much appreciated.

    Thanks Brian!   If ever I can assist you….you have it my friend.

    John Robicheaux

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    David Cole

    That’s what the sport is all about. Helping out your fellow competitors.

    FYI, check your Private Messages. Thank you.

    David Cole - EKN Managing Editor

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    Juan David Gomez

    Hope to see you at the next TPKC race in a couple of weeks OMC is a great fun track. should not get as much grip as DKC so easier on the body.



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