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    Bryan Traver

    Good day

    I am getting my 7yr old into karting this year and he needs the pedals just a little closer so i bought a carbonics pedal box off of ebay but because it was used i have no idea how to put this thing on the kart. I will say i am BRAND NEW to this stuff and while we frequent the racetracks every friday and saturday night during racing season it is for big block modifieds and dirt racing. We went to the local track last year to watch the karts and he said he wanted to give it a shot so here we go in 2017. If anyone has any instructions, pictures, or a website that can point me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated. I have tried to look everywhere but the folks on here im assuming may have additional resources. Thanks for the time excited to get into the sport with him and im sure ill have a million more questions moving forward. Thanks again

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    Mike Clark
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    Bryan Traver

    Thanks Mark yea the pictures are better than I have been able to find. I just wasn’t sure what the pieces were that it came with almost look like spacers but seems to just give multiple options depending on what we have. I appreciate you taking time and sending those over thanks man!

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    Walt Gifford

    If you’re going to bolt the pedals to the belly pan, make sure the belly pan is not cracked and the bolts are in good condition that hold it to the frame. Always put the heads on the bottom. If you run over someone you don’t want bolts hanging down like meat hooks.


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    Bryan Traver

    Makes sense and appreciate the advice Walt. Thanks for your time and input

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