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      Phil Rockwell

      I recently put a Righetti-Ridolfi floating rotor and hub on my kart.  I’m using a Brembo 20.2950.10 caliper (this is the one with the wider pads).  I noticed the mounting tabs on the rotor are significantly offset from the center of the rotor thickness.  This seemed like a bad idea to me, but I figured Righetti-Ridolfi probably knows what they’re doing.  When I ran the kart, the brakes chattered very badly – something I have never experienced before.  I thought maybe the pads and rotor need to be bedded in some more, so I kept driving.  The problem did not get better.  Afterward, I disassembled the caliper and rotor; I did not see any signs of undue wear on the pads, the pistons, the caliper bores, the rotor, or the rotor mounting bolts.

      I’d appreciate any thoughts on why this chattering might be happening.  Could it have something to do with the offset of the rotor mounting tabs from the center of the rotor thickness?

      I started looking into other floating rotors in hopes of finding one that does not have the mounting tabs on the rotor offset from the center of the rotor thickness.  No success – all of them seem to have this offset.  Question: what is the purpose of the offset?

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