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    Bill Schmidt

    My 2008 Intrepid Explorer is missing its brake safety cable. Assuming my chassis is not modified, what length of cable should I buy? I see them listed from 330mm to 450mm. And I don’t know how they are measured. Include threaded part or not?

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    Alan Sheidler

    Does your kart have a built-in provision for the cable?  Some do, with a threaded fitting on the balance bar.  The front end would then have a home on the pedal, perhaps with a standard U-end, plus post and clip:  http://www.kartwarehouseusa.com/FORK-M6-COMPLETE-WITH-LOCKING-p/k337.htm  or http://www.kartwarehouseusa.com/LONG-FORK-M6-COMPLETE-WITH-LOCKING-p/k338.htm

    I’d expect the threads to be included in the length, but you should inquire at the source.  Don’t forget to include the non-threaded portion of the ends for the length of the cable you need.

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    Larry MacLeod

    I rigged mine from a throttle cable and a cable nut.  I’m not sure how the fitted ones are measured though.



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    Bill Schmidt

    On the brake pedal, it has 4 holes to choose from, so I can put a safety cable on any that I am not using for the regular brake rod. The master cylinder doesn’t have a hookup for a safety cable. But, it looks like I can l use a piece of angle iron on the master pull-rods to make it work. I am willing to buy a factory setup for the kart, but damned if I can find one. Intrepid seems to be a little secretive on factory parts. If there is a generic one out there that will work, let me know. Maybe I just haven’t looked hard enough?

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