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    Bob Spedding

    So I was having trouble with my old starter so I purchased a used(new to me) Coleman starter.  It looks similiar to the one in the link https://cometkartsales.com/Coleman-Left-Hand-Self-Contained-Gear-Reduction-Starter-with-Battery.html

    What battery do you recommend???  I see so many different types that I want to make sure to order the best one for this starter.  I see Comet has a battery for $55 +shipping. Should I just order that or am I better off looking locally( AutoZone, O’Rielly, etc).

    Any direction you can give me would be appriciated.


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    tony zambos

    I’ve heard of people having good luck buying batteries from a battery store. I haven’t. Recommend purchasing from Comet.

    LAD Specialties customer / tony kart / rotax / kt100

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    Bob Spedding

    Thanks. Is there a certain brand or part number I need to look for or certain amount of CCA’s(Cold Cranking Amps)?


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    Bob Spedding

    I found a Duralast CTX7A-BS at my local Auto Zone(59.99).  Do you think that do the job?  Just making sure I buy the right one.  Nothing worse than getting to the grid and the kart not starting.  :)

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