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    joe cento

    <span style=”color: #444444; font-family: Arial, Helvetica, serif; font-size: 12px; background-color: #efefef;”>I need to know a general starting gearing for blackhawk for STOCK MOTO.</span>



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    tony zambos


    If no one has PM’ed you, try Jim Perry at CKT, http://cktracing.com/


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    James McMahon

    17:22, 18:23,  19:20 will get you started. 18:23 probably closest to ideal.
    Basically you are gearing for around 103-105.
    This is a handy sheet you can use to run some numbers.

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    joe cento

    thanks Tony for reply.

    thanks James for the info,i will check the sheet out..this is gonna be my 1st time going to Black Hawk and i watched some videos and they were hauling.haha

    thanks for everything

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    Brian Duensing

    Hi Joe,  You will enjoy Blackhawk, it’s a great track.  I raced the G 125 class, 410 lbs, over 35.  I usually ran  20/25 gearing.  I ended up with a 100 mph ± a MPH or two at the end of the straight.  A good lap time is 1:14-1:15 in that class.  The CIK class, 185 lbs, no age limit.  Will run about 1:13 laps.  I guessing they run around a 20/24 gear.

    You may want to consider joining one of the clubs that will be helping at the race. Either CES or RVKC.  If you join RVKC ($50.00) you will be eligible to win a toolbox at the drivers meeting on Sunday.  RVKC members also do not have to pay to rent a transponder.  RVKC will also be paying out money for one of the races on Sunday.  Top RVKC member will win $125.00,  second RVKC member will win $75.00 and a random RVKC finisher will win $50.00.  The class will be announced at least two weeks before the race weekend.  Check out their website http://www.rivervalleykartclub.com.

    Good luck at the race!!

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