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      Scottie Melancon

      We have been racing the Birel RY30 S-3 chassis in Junior Rotax for the last couple of years and never had issues with the brakes. The S-3 was the last model to use the “banana style” brakes with floating unvented steel rotor. We recently updated to an brand new S-5 chassis that uses there self adjusting brakes that were introduced a couple of years ago and have found a significant drop off in performance. I’ve bled the lines frequently and replaced pads (making sure to properly bed them) but they haven’t improved much if any. We have gone from first to worst since we made the chassis change and the main culprit appears to be the brakes. My son gets killed on tight turns due to having to brake much earlier. Does anyone else have similar experiences with these newer brakes? We’re about ready to go back to the old chassis if we can’t get this sorted out.

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      Dennis Chappell


      Call MRP Steve,Chris,or Gary will get things sorted out for you. They also have a web site for just this type of question.
      269-756-9133 Birel Importer.

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      Rod Hawkins

      I have been researching this a lot lately as well. I have the banana brakes on my birel and I recently bought a tony chassis. I hate the otk brakes. Hate them. Some people like less braking power and more modulation. The brakes are so different that the braking points are totally different and I can’t get use to it. I recent bought a banana brake set up to throw on the otk (with a lot of modifications).

      Just depends on what people like. If you like powerful braking, people say the banana brakes are the best ones ever made (from the research I have done).

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