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      Tory Turner

      Hi, First of all I am new to the shifter kart world and man I have a lot to learn… I purchased a 2011 RK Kart with a 99 CR125 motor and 6 speed transmission. From what I can tell an RK Kart is basically a Birel just painted a different color. Well my problem I am having is with the front brakes, I am having issues getting them bled correctly, or at least I think this is what my issue is. The problem I am having is getting equal pressure in both front calipers. I have rebuilt both the calipers (CX124) and while it is better I am still having an issue with one caliper engaging slightly sooner than the other. I have also noticed when not on the brakes one caliper “releases” more than the other. In other words there is a slightly bigger gap between the pad and the rotor on one of the calipers than the other. The only thing I have not rebuilt on the system is the master cylinder. Any help would be greatly appreciated. If there is anymore info I can give you please let me know and I will try my best to get you the answer. And just to be clear these are the calipers with the banana pads, and the master cylinder does not have a “reservoir” it simply has a bolt and washer to seal the system.


      Thank you so much for your time

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      Shawn Fountain

      What up Tory. (I’m finding these karts to be a money pit too, but that’s a post for another day, huh?)

      You’ve already rebuilt the calipers. All new seals, but the pistons are sticking unevenly?

      Could the seals have been put in upside down on that particular caliper, or does it even matter how they go in?

      I’m new to all this as well, and this is one part on these karts that need to be right.

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      Tory, welcome to the sport. There will be days when you show up to the track to play, and some others when you just have a hard time and just wrench

      Don’t get discouraged, this happens to all of us, soon or later.

      Please tell me how exactly you bleed the front brakes. Did you use the tool for gravity feed? If not then that could be a problem, you can’t really pump that system like a car.

      Usually master cylinders should be rebuilt right about the same time.


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      Jim Derrig

      1.  Agree with Freddy, you need a gravity or pressure feeder.  Also, are the hoses routed so any part loops above the level of the bleed screws on the caliper?  If so, you might have an air pocket there.

      2.  Although the brakes should be self-adjusting, you might need to shim the pads  on one side to equalize the gap.

      3.  Finally, if the spindles are slightly bent/tweeked from contact or temporarily operating the karts as a lawn mower :) this can result in the caliper  being misaligned with the rotor.  Generally you can shim around that.


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