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      Bobby Greene

      i added a bunch of picture on eBay

      Item number <span style=”font-family: ‘Helvetica neue’, Helvetica, Verdana, sans-serif; font-size: 10px; line-height: 13px;”>181714669477</span>

      I have been running the Maranello RS7 chassis for years in national events.  You can check results Rotax Grand Nationals, Florida Winter Tour.

      After the final FWT race in Ocala later this month I am selling it all.  A great package for someone getting into the sport.

      This package is easily worth $12,000 retail. I am selling it all for $3500.

      Part Quantity

      Fuel overflow reservoir 3

      Steering shaft bracket – black plastic 2

      Front faring/driver panel bracket sets 4

      Front nose middle bumper support 3

      rear bumper brackets 1

      front bumper clips set 1

      Front faring/driver panel nose metal support 1

      Front bumper bars top/bottom 1

      Front bar 2

      Steering shafts 5

      set Front hubs 2

      sets rear hubs 1

      Brake/Accelorator pedal sets 3

      Front spindle sets 2.5

      Gear hub 2

      Rear bearing cassete and housing 8

      VEN05 brake caliper with pads 2

      VEN05 rear rotor 2

      VEN05 master cylinder 2

      Throttle cable housing 2

      steering wheel 1

      seat 1

      tie rod sets 3

      Front/rear rim sets 5

      Axles 3  M20, 1 T5 1 H, 1 S25 6

      Battery for IAME 1

      Floor pan 1

      Douglas rain rims front set 1

      foot rest – metal bar, plastic heel 2

      Tires – USED – mojo, bridgestone, rain 5

      Tires – NEW MG yellow 1

      Tires – New Bridgestone front set 1

      Maranello RS7 Chassis Complete no motor 3


      Bobby Greene #685
      Florida Winter Tour
      Rotax Grand Nationals

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      Rich Hemingway

      Are you selling only as a package or will you part it out?

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        Bobby Greene

        prefer all – what are you interested in?

        Bobby Greene #685
        Florida Winter Tour
        Rotax Grand Nationals

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      Tadas Ratkevicius


      Do have pictures? What model is chassis, how old?

      How old is engine?

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        Bobby Greene

        Tadas –

        Package does not include a motor – if you want a  motor I have my national motor that I would sell for $4,000 – you can buy a new one for cheaper.

        Please check my ebay listing for pics and let me know if you need more.

        Two of the chassis are 2008 Maranello RS7 and the third one is 2012 RS7 as well (which i am running in Ocala this coming weekend). In fact I still run all these chassis.

        Bobby Greene #685
        Florida Winter Tour
        Rotax Grand Nationals

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