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      Joey Guyon

      With all of this talk of changing engines, upgrading engines and series struggling for power I wanted to start a discussion on how things truly are or are not affecting shops and perhaps some tips for the promotors who want their supporters to survive and keep coming back.

      I’d have to say the first thing that all series need to take into account is to allow for scheduling in such a way that teams can choose to attend all races if they so choose. Many teams have a business model where they attend 15+ major events per year and they should not be put into a position of choosing one series over another (then they could be left with less than 10 events to attend)

      What else should these orgs keep in mind?

      How many people will be gun-shy to jump into a new engine package this year? Will this mean more business for Engine shops that rent packages for the big events?

      Will any teams make big changes to react?

      Will the face of club racing be any different in 2015?





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      David Cole

      I touched on the schedules thing in my column today. A few years ago, it was something everyone was working together to do. Now, it seems a battle for the prime weekends. Right now, there doesn’t seem to be a conflict on major events. COTA and FWT still have a good working relationship. The summer months are always the toughest.

      In the coming weeks, we will be talking with more teams about what their plans are for 2015, and what dealers are looking to support. It really depends on what their customers want to do, IMO.

      Club racing really needs to focus on the entry level programs. Big numbers there will help feed the faster, higher cost programs in the future.

      David Cole - EKN Managing Editor

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      Jim Maier

      Hi David, I have searched through headlines, features, and columns and can’t find anything new. ¬†Where do you post your column?

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      David Cole

      Behind the Laptop: 10 Years and Still Going

      You just need to scroll down to the Columns section of the site to see them all


      David Cole - EKN Managing Editor

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