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      Robert DeGroff

      I have an old Tillett fiberglass seat that has numerous old mounting holes. Looking to fill the holes low budget while I save for a better kart. Hope to make just a little more solid for my 195 pounds to not crack it

      Home Depot has a can of Bondo Glass for $14. Or should I go with their other option of Fiberglass Resin / hardener / cloth for @ $30? Or recommend something different?

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      Thank you!

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      Patrick Roth

      I have used a product called Dyna-Hair which came recommended to me.  I picked it up from O’Reilly’s.  It’s pretty easy to use and I’ve been very happy with the results.

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        Robert DeGroff

        Thank you Patrick! I will try that tomorrow

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      Tim Koyen

      I just go to the auto parts store and get the fiberglass cloth/resin kit for repairing boats & cars.  Always worked good for me.  Like any fiberglass job, getting all the extra resin out and the cloth nice and smooth before it hardens are key.

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      Robert DeGroff

      I couldn’t find Dyna-Hair, but found a cloth kit for $17 at walmart in the auto section. Starting now and will post pics after. Thank you ALL for the advice!

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      Steve Frank

      I wrote this article several years ago for a magazine and recently found it floating around on the web.  Written specifically with kart seats in mind,but also provides general info about composite construction techniques applicable to any industry.


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      Walt Gifford

      I get some fiberglass rod or even wooden dowel and cut disks to epoxy in the holes before patching over with cloth.


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