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    CJ Lintner

    I’m about to try and get back into karting on my own bank account (a horrible idea I already know) and am looking for a good chassis to run Senior Can.

    Any ideas on good frames to look for? I want something that will be competitive and cost effective.

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    It all depends on what your budget is, where you’re gonna race at, club level, regional, or National?

    Another thing to consider is. How is the track you’re gonna be racing at?

    Short, sprint and tight? Long straight aways, or short straight aways? Bumpy or smooth, slick or gripy?

    You stated on your ad as What the best chassis would be?

    That can open a can of worms, as people will actually recommend the highest level of competition chassis available, with out thinking about the price tag.

    Anyhow, let us know, and welcome back to the sport. Fast Freddy.  ;)

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    Daniel White

    A used OTK would be my advice, but from what I remember, you could be fast in any chassis.

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    TJ Koyen

    Yeah I agree with Daniel, you would be fine on anything CJ. :P

    OTK and Arrow have been really strong in Yamaha over the past few years. As long as it’s straight, I’m sure you’ll be competitive.

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    Jim Stine

    OTK is pretty dominate at NCMP in the Yami classes. We joke about it becoming “spec Tony Kart”

    You can make anything fast but, I prefer OTK because they’re fast right out of the box with little tuning required. Lets you focus on driving.

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