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    Josh Hovermale

    This is first year my son and I will be running karts.

    My son’s kart is almost finished (Coyote with a Clone) and I’m close to finishing mine (CRG with a 4 Stroke).

    We won’t be racing this season as our schedule just wont allow it.  We plan on just doing a lot of practice days to get a feel for it. We might, “Might” enter a race or two, but primarily practice. We currently have used Bridgestone tires that are getting close to the end of their life.

    To start us out right, I’d like to purchase a new set for each kart.  He’ll be running 4.5’s all around and I’ll be on a standard set.  What would be the best brand & compound to practice on?  I want something that can last the longest, but still have a close grip level that is expected when we do race. What would be the best compromise of the two?

    Thanks guys

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    John Matthews


    If your track runs a spec tire you should set your karts up with that as any other tire will give you less than useful information  (you are recording set-ups and lap times, right)?

    Go to the teams that have the biggest trailers and see if they have any used tires they’ll sell you. Alternatively check eBay or whatever outlet you can to find used tires of the right size, make, and compound.

    You can buy new tires that are spec at your track but they will be the same as take-off’s after a few sessions.




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    Tim Koyen

    I would just stock up on the free (or next to free) used tires that the rich guys are tossing away.  If you buy new ones, they’ll be the same within a day anyway.

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    Jim White

    I have to agree on the take off route. If and when you feel like it’s time to race you can look into a new set.


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    Finch Guenther

    Our local track has garbage cans just for used tires. If you don’t mind a little work you can usually find some really good practice tires.

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    Walt Gifford

    Just get Bridgestone “YLC” compound tires. Run them at 12 PSI.



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    Michael Rutter

    Try some MG ‘IR’ tires.

    They’re the ‘MG Blues’ as some would call them.  They do fairly well with four-strokes because they’re really hard compound and last long which is good for your budget.  We ran our LO206 on them all season and they could probably go next season too!  They’re the equivalent of the Bridgestone YDS tires and are spec tires here at Norway (CHMS) for our LO206 class.  FAIR WARNING THEY ARE REALLY HARD TIRES AND YOU’RE NOT GOING TO SET LAP RECORD TIMES!

    Run them at or around 18 PSI and you should be good to go.

    If you don’t feel like using the MG blues then go for the spec tire you run at your local track/series.

    MG IR tires

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