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    Ryan Ouellette

    I am looking for some type of spray bottle solution that works good for mounting and dismounting tires.  I am using a Turbo Tire changer.  Any advise on products will be great.



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    TJ Koyen


    We use Duck Butter. A tub like this will last you years.

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    Rick Brown

    I use dish soap and water.

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    Gary Lawson

    Water is not good. Any moisture in the tire will result in more air pressure gain

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    Rick Brown

    Never had an issue, tires come up 2-3 lbs over a normal run with douglas LV wheels. I don’t use very much. Wonder if I should try something else? I definitely work under the “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” theory though

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    Jack Cook

    I use simple green.

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    Jim Howe

    Any kind of lubricant should work fine, spray or gel, provided it doesn’t have grit or anything else in it that could mess up your bead seal.

    Me personally, I use Vaseline as it makes the tire and wheel very slick so the tire slides onto the wheel easier. And never have had a problem with the bead not sealing.

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    Troy Berry

    I like this stuff called Tire Snot. It looks like this, although mine is several years old and I’m not sure if they make it anymore? It last forever, I’ve had mine several years and it’s still good to go.




    A search of tire snot leads to this stuff, which looks like it may be a newer version because it has a similar logo!


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