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      Mark Sink

      Hi Folks,

      I have the freedom to live and work wherever I want, to a degree.  Given that, I’m considering a move that would put me closer to one or more kart tracks as well as a nice snowy mountain for winter fun. I’m a software developer, so an area that could provide employment in that area would be required, unless I can find a work from home job. Which state provides good examples of both, or better yet, which area?

      If I could be less than 1  hr from both, with one being 30 min or less, that would be nice.  For example, living in San Bernardino, CA Travel times to severals tracks and ski resorts are:


      • Adams Motorsports Park 15 min
      • Apex Kart Racing 28 min
      • Grange Motor Circuit 54 min
      • Willow Spring Raceway 1 hr 39 min


      • Mountain High Resort 40 min
      • Mt Baldy 56 min
      • Big Bear Ski Resort 1 hr 8 min

      I live in Cary, NC, and have family 3.5 hrs away, so anything closer to where I am now would be nice, but really just looking for any and all options.  If you know of any, please share.  If there is a list of tracks somewhere, that would help too.



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      Harrison Potsworth

      Central NJ, moutain creek and any of the assorted places in the poconos for boarding.

      OVRP, englishtown and NJMP for karting.

      That’s what I do. All of which in a 2hr radius.

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        Stacey Cook

        Colorado of course! Grand Junction to be specific. Home of Grand Junction Motor Speedway and CRG USA within 2 hours of Aspen, Vail, Telluride or 30 minutes to the local resort Powderhorn. Check it out.

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      Jon Romenesko

      Denver, Colorado is great, obviously…but I’m a bit biased!


      in Denver, you’ve got 3 kart tracks (The Track @ Centennial, IMI, Bandimere) all within ~45 minutes of about anywhere in the metro area.  GJMS (Grand Junction) ~4 hours, and SBR (Colorado Springs), ~2 hours.


      As far as ski areas go…Loveland, Copper, Keystone, Breckenridge, Vail, Arapahoe Basin, Eldora, and Winter Park are all about 2 hours or less from Denver (traffic dependent). And there are a ton more within about 4 hours drive.


      There are lots of great reasons to live here, karting and skiing are definitely at the top of that list!

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      Mark Sink

      Awesome, thanks guys.  Looks like Colorado is in the lead… :)  My biggest problem in answering this question on my own is Google isn’t very good at finding kart tracks, unless there is some magic word to describe them that doesn’t pick up all the other baggage.


      Utah looked like an option as well. Miller Motorsports Park…


      Keep the suggestions coming.  BTW, this came across my screen today… new complex in Long Island maybe…



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      Troy Berry

      I’m going to add Northern California/Nevada. We have the Lake Tahoe ski resorts, several tracks within 2 hours in Reno, Sacramento, and the Bay Area.

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      James McMahon

      Colorado I would have guessed! Great karting and great snowboarding!

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      Matt Dixon

      Truckee CA

      Squaw Valley, Alpine Meadows, Sugerbowland 10 other resorts 10mins away.

      Reno kart track NNKC.com 1 hour, all the Sacramento tracks 2 hours away


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      Jim Derrig

      You should add Seattle.  Obvious software community, 4 local kart tracks and even if you live downtown it’s about 30 minutes to the slopes.

      Hot tip:  Lynden/Bellingham WA.  SIMA kart track and Mount Baker ski area practically next to each other.

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      Mark Sink

      Thanks Everyone!  Jim, I added SIMA. Have 10 additional tracks now.

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      Justin Bloxham

      Utah happens to have the “Best Snow on Earth”, and a pretty sweet track (Miller Motorsports Park) if you ask me. A place in the downtown area will put you at about 30 minutes from either experience. Great place to live for someone who enjoys outdoor sports. And it isn’t too bad of a drive to go over and visit Stacey at Grand Junction, I guess;)

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      Lawrence Doty
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      Mark Sink

      Here is my link to a file for Google Earth with Ski Resorts and Sprint Tracks.


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      Mike Beeny

      Utah has Snowbird, Solitude, Alta, Brighton, Park City, The Canyons and Deer Valley all 30 minutes from Downtown Salt Lake.

      The Miller Motorsports Park is also only 30 minutes from downtown Salt Lake.

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      Andrew Pachon

      Oregon deserves a healthy mention.

      Pat’s Acres (Canby, OR)

      No sales tax

      MAC (McMinnville, OR)

      No Sales tax

      Southern Oregon Karting (Medford, OR)


      You’ve got great karting support by shops like Shark Shifter, CMC, Word Racing and several more that I am learning about. The race caliber is pretty impressive too and the people are god awfully friendly.

      Snowboarding is also my passion and I maintained a season lift ticket to Bear for several years.

      Oregon brings it in this venue too!!!

      Enjoy, ~A


      Did I mention no sales TAX!!!

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      Mark Sink

      Great… this is growing so I took the initiative to start mapping these tracks and all others, but need your help. This is not just for tracks near snow, but all tracks anywhere in the world.

      I have created a Karting Tracks map using Google MapsEngine.  I am allowing anyone to view and add tracks.

      Here is all I ask:

      1. Search for the actual track name in hopes that google knows about it.  This will ensure the tracks will have website info, address, phone, etc associated with them. Not just a pin on  a map.

      2. If google finds it on the map, just click the pin and select ‘Add to Map’ Pin will change to red circle.

      3 Drag red circle to closer identify the actual track where karts run.  Do not obscure the track with the pin/lable. So place it at bottom, top, right, etc to keep the track clear but close enough that we can clearly see where the track is.

      That’s it!  You’ve added a track to the database of tracks.

      There is a drop down arrow next to ‘Base Map’  You can change from satellite image to others types of layers there if that helps.

      Link to Karting Tracks





      I was up to 110 tracks, hours and hours of  work and then google deleted all the data. So, I’m putting this on hold until I have a more stable method in place.

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      Mark Sink

      Thanks Lawrence!  I came across racing where after starting this mapping project.  Ive taken their data and combined it with data for Ski Resorts to create a Skiing and Karting KML file for Google Earth.  Ill post a link later.

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