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    Andrew Pachon

    What all do you think is the best location to mount a GoPro?


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    Doug Ring

    Per the SKUSA rules, the camera must be mounted on the front (Nassau) panel.  I have absolutely no idea behind the logic of this dictate – I mount mine above the radiator, and I really like the view angle (I get the entire track, plus can see my steering wheel/brake/front wheel interaction).

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    Tyson Henry

    On the chin of your helmet.

    Like this:


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    Tyson Henry

    Normally doesn’t seem so bumpy….if you are on something a bit smoother. Like a real race track :)


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    Andrew Pachon

    Doug, I look forward to seeing how you mount yours.



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    Tyson Henry

    On the radiator is basically the defacto place to mount a go pro on a kart. Just search youtube for kart videos, you will find it. Here is an example:


    Watch that for a clinic in how to drive, too.

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    Brad Johnson

    As Doug said per SKUSA rules it’s supposed to be on the fairing. I have seen 3 videos so far from the Summer Nats with it on the radiator though. Maybe they don’t enforce that rule

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    Tyson Henry

    Not everyone is racing SKUSA guys…..

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    Chris Reinhardt

    Summer Nats,  that is SKUSA????  I didn’t realize that they indicated a particular spot, but I know many organization DO NOT allow for mounting on the helmet anywhere… SKUSA and SCCA being a few of them…

    I’m thinking front fairing is pretty easy to be able to run a tether to the camera?  The flying camera is another issue…


    Chris Reinhardt

    CR2 Motorsports


    XV Racing Products



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    Ambrose Buldo

    Big fan of the chin of helmet.  It gives me the best driver like perspective and also lets me read the gauges on the video.

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    Troy V Smith

    Best location to mount to? That is a relative question – that would most likely depend on what the purpose of the video is. If you’re looking to review driver performance and gauges, then yea, a helmet mount would do well. If however, you want to review to see where the competition is catching you, the rear bumper is a good location. There are some really cool videos from cameras mounted in “not so common” places. Move it around – videos get repetitive and boring with the “same view” as every other guy. I’ve use the GoPro on the rear bumper, driver panel facing the driver, front bumper facing the front wheel – you can get some cool footage from odd places! But wherever you mount it – make sure it’s secure!

    We may not be the fastest on the track...but we're having the most fun!

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    Chris Gannon

    When mounting to the radiator, does the heat affect the gopro mount? ie-glue?

    Chris Gannon
    Shifter Kart Florida

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    Tyson Henry

    No. I have had pretty high water temps with the go pro mounted to the radiator and never had a prob. I think it would have to be above 200* to make it unstable.

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    James McMahon

    Temp is something to consider. I had a mount come off a painted radiator at 180F.

    From the 3M VHB page…

    Temperature Resistance:
    Short Term (minutes, hours): 250°F (121°C)
    Long Term (days, weeks): 200°F (93°C)

    Remember that this is assuming you have near perfect conditions for bonding which you will probably not.

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    Michael Rutter

    It really is up to you, check out my YouTube videos for a helmet mounted and radiator mounted.
    Search : Worldracer55 on YouTube and you should see a few videos.
    My advice is to go to GoPro’s online store and pay the $22 for the bag of mounts. It’s totally worth it. I’ve never had a GoPro fall off in my entire career but I’ve heard of it happening. To be cautious, just tighten down the mount and check for any visible cracks. The other option is to buy the roll bar mount and drill two holes in your driver panel/fairing and bolt it on. A few people I know use that and They said they never worry about the adhesive com in apart. Just my bit

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