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      Dave Lee

      Hi All
      New to forum. My son recently started karting. Looking for opinions on who is best engine builder for KT-100 rookie sportsman.
      People talk about P1 engines, Woltjer, Doug Fleming, & Comet for the KT-100 rookie and regular sportsman. Looking for a builder that can give good power and support even though we are newbie and not ready to make multiple engine program commitment yet. Any feedback would be appreciated.

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      Bill Gerzabek

      Dave we are in our second season. Last year my son ran rookie, this year sportsman. You will get many opinions on who is the best but I would suggest, if possible, to support a local builder who will be at the track. That’s what I did and it has worked out well. Anytime I had a question he was there to answer. Same with the Kart I bought from him. Good Luck!

      If you are in the New Jersey area you should talk to Jeremy at Action Kart Racing.


      Good Luck,



      Bill Gerzabek

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      John Wehrheim

      Another is Adkins. They are all good. One way to pick is who is closest to you.

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      Dan Schlosser

      Our team has had a lot of success in Yamaha Rookie and our families have won with Cook, Adkins & Woltjer engines. We also work with families that have seen excellent results with Comet and Switch power.

      It all depends on the level of support you need and personalities honestly.  Each shop handles things slightly differently but they are all good IMO.


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      Tim Koyen

      Everyone named so far are good choices.  They all do tons of engines and have a lot of experience wringing the most out of them.  You can’t really expect someone who only does a handful of them each season to be getting the maximum.  You really need someone who does a ton and has tested and tweaked everything to the max.

      All that said, driving is far more important at the rookie level. :)

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      Dave Lee

      I’m looking at the bigger builders over geographical location because he plans to do nationals early on and I wanted to build a relationship early on.

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      brian downing

      Does your motor need service? As mentioned most/all of those mentioned are reputable and good enough for scheduled maint.

      If you’re looking to add power, I suggest you wait.

      Improvement comes first in software (human driving skills) which can only come from seat time. Then hardware, chassis setup and handling comes first. Learning how to get the power you have to the pavement. Teach the driver to communicate, listen, read up on kart setup and experiment with changes.

      Once that’s all set, build a legal blueprinted motor, carb and clutch

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      Walt Gifford

      I really don’t think you can gauge an engine builder by volume.
      Dave, the KT100 user formula has been well sorted out on these forums (EKN Classic). Once you have those numbers you’ll need little or no support except for overhaul which can be done by any competent shop that services the KT100.  It’s less political than you might think.

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