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    WIlliam Hubbell

    Son had 1st day in open practice, just one other boy on track w him. Other kid was very fast & side swiped my son 2 or 3 times. Luckily no wrecks, son has to get used to that

    Kids Dad apologized then told me they used to have a communication set up in kids helmet.

    Got me thinking, Where can I buy a system so we can talk to each other ?

    Does that come separate from helmet ? Thnx

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    Daniel White

    Hmm, got hit on the side 2-3 times, with no other karts in the track–during an open practice?

    What a jackass.

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    TJ Koyen

    Just as a note, radio communication is illegal in nearly all race series.

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    Howie Idelson

    TJ is right the radio is not legal in competition РHowever, it is legal for every other on track practice session and is one of the most powerful training tools if used correctly and by someone that hopefully has some kart racing experience.

    I see many dads coaching (and I use the term loosely) their kids and they’ve never even say in a racing vehicle of any kind. Needless to say, they’re the ones screaming at the kid over the radio the whole way round the track.

    If I may suggest,

    1) Buy these radios- http://www.cardosystems.com/motorcycles/scala-rider-g9x-powerset/1

    2) get some tips from some with experience in coaching with a radio on how to speak to your kid over them.

    3) Most important. Make it fun

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    WIlliam Hubbell

    Thanks, a Judo coach I know told me to always keep it light & fun

    I bought an RV so he can play w his iPad between sessions & chill

    He’ll b 6 in Nov so no actual competition for another 2 years

    I do tons of track days & a few races myself so I know what’s up

    Will buy some books on coaching

    Thnx for the tips

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    Howie Idelson

    Also, try and involve your son in the mechanical aspect of the kart. Between sessions, try and have him help make changes or even just wipe it down. Good chance to bond and learn.

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    WIlliam Hubbell

    Good tip, thnx I’ll talk to track crew next time

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    Richard Kirlin

    Here you go.. I’ve got the same system and great for road racing.


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    Clark Hadden



    I sell Two-way radios for a living and don’t get me wrong a sales a sale. But when your son is 6 years old he should be practicing by himself trying to gain confidence and once you stick com’s in his ear he will be looking to hear advice every lap and could actually become a safety concern.

    As a parent i would stay away from com’s while he’s on track it will do more harm than good for a 6 years old. I would just stay off track when there are drivers going twice and three times faster.


    Hope this helps….

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